Building the Next Strategic Plan

Setting the Stage for Exceptional College Planning

Successful College of the Desert planning is derived from a solid foundation, clear and transparent approaches, and input from leadership, faculty, staff, stakeholders and students. The District Strategic Master Plan (SMP) for the upcoming five-year timeframe will directly influence strategy and decision-making for allotting the necessary resources – capital and people – to fulfill our identified goals.

The 2022-2027 SMP will outline the goals, strategies, objectives, and tactics that will guide the future of College of the Desert.

The District has created this page as one of several means to gather input and communicate SMP progress. College of the Desert leadership is committed to ensuring that the planning process is anchored by transparency and inclusivity.

Benchmark Timeline

Following a timeline is key to creating, refining, adopting and launching the SMP, which will be conducted over an eight-month period. Critical SMP time points are noted below.

Phase 1: Pre-plan
April-August 2022

This first phase includes coordination and meetings of Workgroups; project kick-off; draft of mission, vision, values and SWOTC Survey.

Phase 2: Investigate
May-September 2022

Phase 2 focuses on finalizing data sets; completing internal/external environmental data scans, identifying key trends; reviewing work done in Phase 1 and identifying key themes; designing focus group sessions with internal and external stakeholders.

Phase 3: Formulate
September -October 2022

In Phase 3, focus group sessions are conducted; information from Phase 1, 2 and 3 is synthesized to develop strategic initiatives.

Phase 4: Complete
October-December 2022

The SMP is developed in Phase 4; the SMP is designed and shared through the appropriate participatory governance groups; submit SMP for board approval; adopt and publish the SMP.

Participate in Our Plan

The 2022-2027 College SMP demands a thorough process that stresses the importance of input from newly created Work Groups. These Workgroups will help lead the Plan development effort with their input and provide the ability for individuals to submit feedback about our planning process. Anyone interested in submitting ideas can do so anonymously; individuals can also share their email addresses so that the College’s point of contact on this effort can provide information on the SMP progress and milestones.

Work Group

Maria Elena Diaz
Associate Professor

Kim Dozier
Professor, English

Gwendolyn Earle
Instructor, Business

Jessica Enders
Director, Education Centers

Carl Farmer
Director, MESA

Mike Gladych
Adjunct Faculty, Radio/TV

Donna Greene
Distance Education & Instructional Design Coordinator

Scott Atkins
Director, Education Centers

ASCOD Officer of Academic Affairs

ASCOD Officer of External Affairs

Douglas Benoit
Dean, School of Applied Sciences and Business

Sara Butler
Interim Vice President of Instruction

Oceana Collins
Assistant Professor, History

Linda Costagliola
Executive Administrative Assistant

Christina Tafoya
Interim Executive Vice President

Evelyn Trejo
Adjunct Counselor Veterans

Steven Holman
Dean, School of Math & Science

Catherine Levitt
Adjunct Faculty, Economics

Jim Lilly
Computer Support Specialist

Dean Papas
Dean, School of Communication & Humanities

Miguel Pena III
Media Support & Training Specialist

Kurt Spurgin
Assistant Professor, Health Science

Planning Documents

This section contains various foundational and supplemental materials for the SMP and process; it will be updated with any new information, feedback and documents throughout the SMP development process.

College surveys

Current Strategic Master Plan

“Crosswalk” document linking the goals and objectives of the SMP with those of the Educational Master Plan

Point of Contact

Dr. Jessica Enders, Director of Education Centers


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